Brady Campaign and other gun control groups continue to refuse to debate

Feb 27, 2013 | Featured

I was basically going to ignore this, but I got an email today from a student at Dickinson College named David Milstein who had been trying for many weeks to arrange a debate for me on his college. David informed me that the gun control groups would not participate in a debate with me:

“I tried to push for a debate format. Those on the other side have been calling organizations to debate you. A David from the Brady campaign won’t debate you and a Joshua Horwitz from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has agreed to come but won’t debate.”

I will still end up giving a presentation at the school, but I think that it would be better for the students if they were exposed to representatives from both sides of the issue and there would have been a larger audience.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time recently that I have run into gun control groups being afraid to debate. I assume that the “David” mentioned above is David Gross, the president of the Brady Campaign. He also said something similar on the Geraldo Rivera Radio Show on January 11th this year (listen at 6:51 into the interview):

In all honesty, if I had known that John Lott was going to be on this program, I would have declined, because this isn’t the conversation that the American public wants to be having.

Gross actually said a couple of times during the interview that he wouldn’t have appeared if he knew that I was on the show and Geraldo said that in the future he would probably have to have us both on separately.

Overall, the interview was a mess because Dan Gross was so often talking over what I said and his volume was higher than mine so that the audience couldn’t even hear that I was directly answering his question.

The Brady Campaign has also refused to participate in debating with me on television shows.