12 Jul , 2019

On Fox Nation with Judge Napolitano: On Red Flag Laws and New Jersey’s Large Magazine Ban

Dr. John Lott talked to Judge Andrew Napolitano about a range of gun control issues from Red Flag Laws to New Jersey’s ban on large magazines to what is the most important fact in the gun control debate.

Napolitano: “Probably the foremost authority on gun rights in the United States from an academic, legal, and theoretical perspective, John Lott.”

(Liberty File, Fox Nation, July 5, 2019)


5 Jul , 2019

On The Heller Decision, Teachers Carrying Guns, Democrats pushing for new gun control regulations

Dr. John Lott talked on Eric Bolling’s America about a range of issues including The Heller Decision, Teachers Carrying Guns, Democrats pushing for new gun control regulations.

Eric Bolling: “If you are into the gun debate, this man [John Lott] is the greatest resource on all things guns in America and maybe the world.”

(Eric Bolling’s America, The Blaze, May 15, 2019, Episode 133)


1 Jul , 2019

Television News Bias: CBS’s 60 Minutes show claiming AR-15s are different from other guns

Dr. John Lott talked to Gavin McInnes on The Blaze’s Get off My Lawn about CBS’s extremely biased 60 Minutes claim that AR-15s are so different from other guns and exaggerates how that type of gun is used in the worst mass public shootings. More details are available here.

(CBS’s 60 Minutes, Sunday, June 23, 2019)



16 Jun , 2019

How does the US compare to other countries in terms of mass public shootings?

Dr. Lott talks about the Crime Prevention Research Center’s research on mass public shootings.

(Tuesday, June 11, 2019, from 6:33 to 6:42 AM)

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13 Jun , 2019

On the Sinclair Broadcasting Network: The Virginia Beach Attack, another shooting in a gun-free zone

Dr. John Lott talked to Eric Bolling on the Sinclair Broadcasting Network’s America This Week about the dangers of gun-free zones both in schools and at the Virginia Beach municipal building attack. He also talked about the new research that the Crime Prevention Research Center has done on school shootings. This show is carried nationwide on over 200 television stations.…


9 Jun , 2019

On the Sinclair Broadcast Group: “Mass shootings in US compared with other countries”

Dr. John Lott was interviewed by Sinclair Broadcast Group about the Crime Prevention Research Center’s count of mass public shootings across countries. Sinclair references Snopes.com’s criticism of our work because we looked at the per capita rate of attacks across countries and Snopes argues that one should just look at the total number of attacks by country.…


8 Jun , 2019

On the Michigan Talk Network: Another mass public shooting, another place where the victims were banned from carrying guns, the attack at Virginia Beach

Dr. Lott talks about the tragedy in Virginia Beach when an employee murdered 12 co-workers and injured others. The #2 operations building was a gun-free zone for employees. Nobody inside the building was allowed to have a gun for self-defense, yet the murderer brought a gun in illegally and killed his co-workers with zero resistance until the police arrived.…

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1 Jun , 2019

On One America News: What has been the experience in all the schools that let teachers carry guns?

Dr. John Lott talked to Graham Ledger on One America News about the Crime Prevention Research Center’s new research that schools that allow teachers to carry guns. We find that those schools that allow teachers to carry are extremely safe: data on the rate of shootings and accidents in schools.

More information is available here:

(The Daily Ledger May 28, 2018)


30 May , 2019

What social changes were caused by Roe v Wade?

Dr. John Lott talked to Steve Gruber on the Michigan Talk Network about Lott’s research on the impact of Roe v Wade on a wide array of American society. Ever wonder why the 1970s saw what appear to be many contradictory changes?

• A sharp increase in pre-marital sex.
• A sharp rise in out-of-wedlock births.…


24 May , 2019

Democrats push gun control legislation that disarms poor minorities

Dr. John Lott talked to Dana Loesch on her show “Relentless” about how the gun control regulations pushed by Democrat presidential candidates will disarm poor minorities.

(Dana Show, Monday, May 20, 2019, from 6:02 to 6:12 PM)