4 Apr , 2019

At Fox News: Media exaggerate impact of US-Mexico border closure. UPDATE: Everytown attacks

Dr. John Lott’s newest op-ed discusses the new media’s grossly exaggerated costs from closing the U.S.-Mexico border. He also goes through some of our research regarding the costs of illegal aliens. (Not surprisingly, Everytown’s paid PR secretary Adam Sege keeps doing his job and attacks me again because of this piece.…

29 Mar , 2019

At Townhall.com: Pennsylvania Democrats Want To Register Your Guns

Dr. John Lott’s newest piece at Townhall.com is about the continued push for gun registration

Democrats want to register your guns. It isn’t just something that universal background checks will eventually lead to. There is a push even in a “gun friendly” state such as Pennsylvania, where only antiques and guns owned by law enforcement would be exempt.

24 Mar , 2019

In the Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Pa. gun registry waste of money, resources

Dr. John Lott has a new op-ed in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on Democrats push for more gun control in Pennsylvania. It gives you an idea what they would do if Democrats took control of the Pennsylvania state legislature.

Pennsylvania Democrats want to register your guns. On March 15, state House Representatives Angel Cruz (D-Philadelphia), Mary Isaacson (D-Philadelphia) and Mary Jo Daley (D-Montgomery) proposed the Firearms Registration Act, from which only antiques and guns owned by law enforcement would be exempt.


21 Mar , 2019

At the Daily Caller: Trump Keeps Condemning White Nationalists — So why does the media keep denying it?

Dr. John Lott’s piece at the Daily Caller starts this way:

Ever since the 2016 campaign, Democrats and the media have asserted that President Trump has failed to distance himself from white nationalists and neo-Nazis. The fact that White House staffers must answer these questions shows how far out of kilter the discussion has gone.

20 Mar , 2019

In the Washington Times: When the media makes Trump a target

Dr. John Lott has a new piece in the Washington Times. His piece relies heavily on our research on mass killings around the world.

The national Sunday morning talk shows blamed President Trump for the New Zealand massacre that left 50 dead. CNN’s Jake Tapper warned: “I don’t think moderate Republicans are doing enough to hold President Trump accountable for his rhetoric.” NBC’s Chuck Todd noted supposed parallels to the killer’s rhetoric, and asked: “When the President uses the term ‘invaders,’ does that dehumanize to the point where it can get misused?”

The media made Trump its singular target, but not even Democrats were completely spared from the frenzy of critical reactions.


18 Mar , 2019

At Townhall: Media Calls The New Zealand Shooter ‘Right-Wing’

The media wants to call anyone who is a racist a “right-wing” extremist. Here is Dr. John Lott’s take on the mass public shooting in New Zealand.

The Washington Post called the New Zealand mosque shooting “one of the worst cases of right-wing terrorism in years.” Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the killer “an extremist, right-wing, violent terrorist.”

“The person giving a sign of allegiance to President Trump is the killer here,” said CNN’s John Berman.


13 Mar , 2019

At Townhall.com: Arkansas State Senator Is Wrong About Stand Your Ground Legislation. Here’s Why.

Dr. John Lott has a new op-ed at Townhall.com on the viral video of the Arkansas Democrat state Senator who attacked the Stand Your Ground bill that was before the state Senate Judiciary Committee.

Arkansas state Senator Stephanie Flowers captivated the international news media with her fiery attack on “Stand Your Ground” legislation, which guarantees the right to defend oneself without retreating as far as possible.


8 Mar , 2019

At Fox News: Dems want $50 million for biased research to attack gun ownership

Dr. John Lott appeared yesterday before the House Appropriations Committee to testify about the need for the CDC to fund research on gun ownership. He has a new piece at Fox News that starts this way:

Democrats in the U.S. House are likely to approve spending $50 million in taxpayer funds for public health research on gun violence.


20 Feb , 2019

At Townhall.com: Gun Control Advocates Use Aurora Shooting to Call for More Background Checks

Dr. John Lott has a new op-ed at Townhall.com on the shooting this past Friday at the Henry Pratt Company in Aurora, Illinois. His piece starts this way:

On Friday, another mass public shooting occurred in yet another gun-free zone. In fact, the Henry Pratt Company in Aurora, Illinois, where five people were killed on Friday, clearly displays a “no guns” sign on its front door.

17 Feb , 2019

In the Las Vegas Review-Journal: “Guns on the agenda in Carson City”

Dr. John Lott has a new piece in the Sunday Las Vegas Review-Journal about the new gun control law just signed by Gov. Steve Sisolak. The piece starts this way.

Everyone wants to stop dangerous criminals or people with serious mental illness from having guns. We feel that as strongly as ever on the one-year anniversary last week of the Parkland high school attack.