At Townhall: Trump’s Senate Trial Rests on the Claim that He Lied About Vote Fraud, He Didn’t

10 Feb , 2021  

With the impeachment trial going in the Senate, Dr. John Lott has a new piece at Townhall.com.

Former-president Donald Trump’s Senate trial for his January 6 speech “inciting” a riot at the US Capitol rests on the claim that he lied about vote fraud in the November election. Put aside that Trump asked “everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically, make your voices heard.”


At the Washington Examiner: To prevent violence, let members of Congress keep carrying guns

5 Feb , 2021  

Dr. John Lott and Congressman Andy Harris (R-MD) have an op-ed together at the Washington Examiner on the push by some Democrats to completely ban Congressman having guns at the Capitol.

When politicians can face impeachment for inciting violence despite asking people to show their support “peacefully,” you would think politicians would weigh their words more carefully.

gun control

At Real Clear Politics: The Flawed Thinking Behind Biden’s Gun Control Bill

29 Jan , 2021  

Dr. John Lott discusses Joe Biden’s top legislative priority for gun control during his first 100 days. Besides Real Clear Politics, the piece was published in Epoch Times and The Sun Times (Fairfield, Connecticut).

“The coming years will decide the survival of our Second Amendment,” President Trump warned before the election.

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Gun Free Zones, op-ed

In the Missoulian and Montana Standard: Bill will allow guns in Montana’s Capitol

28 Jan , 2021  

Dr. John Lott has a new op-ed in the Missoulian and Montana Standard newspapers.

Montana looks set to become the 24th state that allows citizens to carry guns in the state Capitol. The bill passed the House and is now before the Senate, eliminates more gun-free zones than just the state Capitol.


Gun Free Zones, op-ed

At Newsweek: Don’t Let Anti-Gun Activists Weaponize the Capitol Hill Riot

20 Jan , 2021  

Dr. John Lott has returned to the CPRC and he had this piece today at Newsweek.

After the riot at the U.S. Capitol, gun control organizations warn that armed rioters at state capitols across the country on Inauguration Day pose a threat to our democracy. They claim the only solution is for states to ban guns on capitol grounds, thus extending their bans on carrying guns on public property generally.



At Townhall: Tennessee Prison System Accused of Putting Prisoner Rights Groups Before Victims

14 Jan , 2021  

Nikki Goeser, the CPRC’s Executive Director, has a new piece up at Townhall.

Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) doesn’t seem to think it’s a criminal offense that a murderer harasses a victim of their crime from their prison system. Despite a Federal judge ruling that there is sufficient evidence for the murderer to face stalking charges, the prison system announced on Tuesday that they are still not willing to seriously review this case. 


At the Western Journal: Andrew Pollack: Our Health Officials Have Literally Lied to Us in Order To Kill Us

4 Jan , 2021  

January 2, 2021

Anthony Fauci is a liar.

We know this because he has told us so.

Fauci told us that masks don’t work. His exact words were “there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.” Then he told us that everyone should wear masks. He then explained that he was lying when he said we shouldn’t, apparently in order to preserve masks for medical professionals.


At The Federalist: This Washington Post ‘Fact Check’ of Trump’s Election Integrity Claim is a Ragbag of Lies

14 Dec , 2020  

I suppose it’s the prerogative of opinion writers to twist the facts to advance their narratives, but that’s not what fact-checkers are supposed to do.

By CPRC President Andrew Pollack

December 14, 2020

Fact-checking the fact-checkers ought to be a full-time job. It never ceases to amaze and appall how these pretend nonpartisans can take entirely true statements that threaten the mainstream media’s narrative and twist them so far as to make them appear false.


At The Hill: We need more honest debate and rigorous research on gun control

12 Dec , 2020  

CPRC’s President Andrew Pollack has an op-ed at The Hill newspaper that responds to an attack from someone connected with the Brady Campaign against our past president, John Lott.

The Hill recently published an opinion by Griffin Dix allegedly exposing a “time bomb under President-elect Biden’s doormat.” The time-bomb wasn’t a bogus dossier, FBI agents lying in order to spy on Biden’s campaign, or a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden.



At Breitbart: Andrew Pollack: Lockdown Hypocrites-or Sociopaths?

5 Dec , 2020  

It would be easier to believe that the lockdowns and mask mandates that Joe Biden and his allies are pushing are truly good-faith public health measures if the politicians pushing them weren’t such self-righteous hypocrites.

It has become difficult to keep track of how many times major Democrat politicians have flouted the rules that they’d like you arrested for violating.