11 Feb , 2019

UPDATED: Why we shouldn’t depend on mental health professionals to detect mass killers: Elliot Rodger’s slipping “under the radar” is hardly rare

Frequently, the proposed solution to these mass shootings is to simply spend more money on mental health.

MAJOR GARRETT: . . . Do you believe the legislation the Senate did not pass would have made any difference in this case [the Elliot Rodger’s shooting]?

SENATOR RICHARD BLUMENTHAL: The legislation that failed to pass–it got support from fifty-five senators–would have provided a mental health initiative with more resources, greater ability for the Santa Barbara police to intervene–to use the sheriff’s word–to have professionals trained in diagnosing and detecting this kind of derangement.

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15 Dec , 2015

Los Angeles Times Banner

CPRC in the Los Angeles Times: “Think background checks prevent gun violence? Think again.”

From the Los Angeles Times on December 15, 2015.

To the editor: Adam Winkler claims that we can reduce violent crime by requiring background checks on private gun transfers. This just isn’t the case. (“Why banning assault rifles won’t reduce gun violence,” Opinion, Dec. 11)

Indeed, California, Colorado and Oregon — sites of the three most recent mass public shootings — already have such laws in place.


5 Nov , 2015

Orange County Register

CPRC in the Orange County Register: “Gun ownership, NRA retain popular support”


John Lott’s newest piece in the Orange County Register starts this way:

Despite several years of the billionaire former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and others spending hundreds of millions attacking the National Rifle Association, a new Gallup poll shows that people who don’t own guns have a favorable opinion of the NRA (by 7 percentage points).


23 Oct , 2015

KPCC Southern California Public Radio Banner

CPRC on Southern California’s Public Radio station KPCC: Is the decline of gun ownership inevitable?

John Lott debated Adam Winkler on Larry Mantle’s show about Winkler’s claim that demographic changes imply that the decline in support for gun ownership is “inevitable” (Tuesday, October 20, 2015 from 2:15 to 2:45 PM EDT).


22 Oct , 2015

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CPRC in Investors’ Business Daily: “‘Demographic Death’ Of NRA Just Another Big Media Myth”

John Lott’s latest piece at Investor’s Business Daily responds to a recent op-ed by Adam Winkler in the Washington Post.  Another version of this appeared in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review and is provided below.  Lott’s piece is as follows:

Gun ownership is greatest among rural whites, a group whose voting power is diminishing.


28 Apr , 2014

Debate over gun free zones on Southern California Public Radio

The audio of the discussion on KPCC is available here.

Where should people be allowed to bring their guns? What will the impact of looser regulations be at the state and national level? How would a program that allows nationwide concealed weapons work? What are the potential risks and benefits?

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