Lott wins Scholar of the Year Award for Gun Rights Policy Conference 2019

26 Sep , 2019   Video

Alan Gottlieb gives Dr. John Lott the scholar of the year award. This is the fifth time that he has won the award.
Gottlieb: “Let me start. One of the awards that we give out every year is the Scholar of the Year. And there are a number of people out there who work every day to develop data and statistics to win the gun rights battle.…


Glenn Reynolds received the CPRC’s first Academic of the Year Award

13 Apr , 2015  

The CPRC is first and foremost an academic organization, as can be seen from our academic board of directors.  It is with that in mind that we made the decision to recognize quality academic research that deals with issues of crime.  Professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds at the University of Tennessee Law School received the CPRC’s first Academic of the Year Award.  …