Amazon Reacher Shows Gun Seller Illegally Selling Guns

Dec 27, 2023 | Media Bias

Season two of Amazon’s Reacher has a scene where a gun dealer violates the rules in New Jersey for requiring a license for buying guns because Jack Reacher is bribing him. This fits in with the Biden Administration’s theme of “rogue gun dealers.” No policymaker wants dealers to secretly sell guns to criminals out of the back of their store. But that is not what Biden is going after. Even one mistake in paperwork, no matter how trivial and inconsequential, now means the loss of one’s license and the end of one’s business.

Amazon Reacher Season 2, Episode 3, December 15 2023




Visiting Ecuador’s Ministry of Government

Visiting Ecuador’s Ministry of Government

Dr. John Lott is in Ecuador, and on Monday, he met with the Minister of the Ministry of Government, Esteban Torres, for more than an hour. It was a very productive discussion about crime and gun control, with Ecuador battling drug cartels and considering legislation...