On One America News’ Tipping Point: Gun Control Advocates Want to Make It ‘Costly for Gun Sellers To Be in Business’

Sep 6, 2023 | Television

Dr. John Lott appeared on One America’s News’ Tipping Point about his article at The Federalist titled: “Do Gun-Control Groups Care What Really Causes Mass Shootings? Everytown Lawsuit Says No.”

Lott: “Well you know, obviously , they just want to make it costly for gun sellers to be in business. Unfortunately it would be nice if they actually read the manifesto for the murderer. They wanna go and blame this gun store. They want to blame the murderers’ parents. They want to go and blame social media for supposedly putting out conservative views that radicalized this guy, but if they actually read the manifesto, they would find that none of those things are relevant or accurate. You look at the discussion that the murderer had in his manifesto about why he picked the target that he did. He goes on, and has a long discussion there. He wanted to go after a place where people were banned from having concealed handgun permits because you said it would make it easier for him to go and kill other people. These killers, and this is something we see time after time, though the media refuses to report these parts of these diaries and manifestos. These guys may be crazy in some sense, but they’re not stupid. Their goal. Is to get media attention, and they know the more people they kill, the more media attention that they’re going to get. And they know if they go to a place for victims can’t defend themselves they’re going to be able to go and kill more people. It’s not difficult to understand their reasoning. And they couldn’t be more explicit whether it’s something like the Covenant School shooter in Nashville earlier this year or literally dozens of other cases. The media doesn’t cover it. And then as far as blaming the parents for this murderer’s rampage, The murderer had actually gone and been seen by two psychiatrists who had said that the individual wasn’t a danger to himself or others. So if these mental health care experts are unable to identify them and they’re given a pass. Why go after the parents there other than just to try to instill fear in their parents there with regard to their kids.”

“And he was far as the social media putting out conservative posts and stuff. If they actually read his manifesto, they would see that the guy was a racist because he was an environmentalist. Whether it’s The New York Times, the Washington Post or others, if somebody is a racist, they immediately call them a conservative or right winger. And yet, many of these guys are not even close. I mean, the guy calls himself an eco-fascist, calls himself a socialist. He calls himself a mild manner, authoritarian left-winger, You know he’s upset about people having kids. The reason why he hates minorities, and blacks in particular, is that he thinks people are having too many children and that’s destroying the environment. And it is particularly blacks that are having too many children. How many conservatives do you know there are upset about people having children? How many conservatives do you know that call themselves Socialists or call themselves eco-fascist?”



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