Armed Serial Carjacker Shot by Concealed Carry Holder in Chicago

Aug 24, 2023 | Defensive Gun Use

Another concealed handgun permit holder stopped a carjacking in Chicago.

A Chicago man who received probation in a carjacking case late last year got shot this month while trying to carjack a rideshare driver at gunpoint, prosecutors say.

Darick Benson, 20, was ordered held without bail by Judge Charles Beach on a fresh charge of discharging a firearm during an aggravated vehicular hijacking and discharging a firearm during an armed robbery, according to court records.

The rideshare driver picked up Benson and a juvenile female . . . shortly after midnight on August 12, Assistant State’s Attorney John Kyle said during Benson’s bail hearing.

Benson allegedly pulled out a gun and pointed it at the driver’s head from the back seat as the girl, also in the back seat, patted down his right pants pocket.

Kyle said the driver, a 26-year-old concealed carry license holder, slowed his SUV down and jumped out while it was still moving. He ran a short distance, pulled a gun from his left pants pocket, and fired three shots at his car.

Benson returned fire and tried to drive the man’s vehicle, but the SUV wouldn’t operate because the key fob was out of range in the driver’s pocket, according to Kyle. . . .

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