Talk on Gun-free Zones and Red Flag Laws at the Annual NRA convention

May 6, 2023 | Talk

This talk was motivated by Nikki Goeser’s book Stalked and Defenseless, and the implications her story has for the dangers from gun-free zones. Her story also has implications for Red Flag laws. Dr. John Lott substituted for Nikki in two of the three talks and she did it remotely with Lott on a third one.

The second version has the last part of Nikki’s presentation, but unfortunately, because of her doing the talk remotely it is someone difficult to hear her speak.

Verison 1 with just John Lott Substituting for Nikki Goeser
Verison 2 with part of Nikki Goeser’s talk and John Lott then Substituting for Nikki Goeser — unfortunately, with the set up we had it is difficult to hear Nikki’s portion