Shocking: A NBC TV show with a successful defensive gun use, Magnum PI

Apr 21, 2023 | Media Bias

Over the last two decades, you will search in vain for civilians successfully using guns in self-defense in entertainment television shows. When civilians use guns defensively, something always goes wrong. Either they die using the gun, accidentally shoot the wrong person, or they get in the way of police trying to do their job. We regularly collect those cases, so when a television show finally shows a successful defensive gun use, we want to acknowledge it.

The only recent exceptions to that bias have been two episodes on Paramount’s Yellowstone (Season 4, Episode 8, Dec 19, 2021 and Season 4, Episode 1, November 7, 2021). Now, amazingly, NBC’s Magnum PI shows a man using a shotgun to protect himself against armed burglars who broke into his home (Season 5, Episode 7, March 26, 2023). When one burglar pulled a handgun to shoot the homeowner, the homeowner fired his gun, killing the criminal. It was a clear case of self-defense. We have tried multiple times to post this video, but for some reason, YouTube is deleting that part of the video where the criminal pulls his gun, and the homeowner shoots him in self-defense. Nothing gruesome was shown.

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NBC’s Magnum PI (Season 5, Episode 7, March 26, 2023)

Here is a video on Hollywood’s bias against guns.