CBS’ FBI illustrates how Deep Fake Technology can be used to solve crime

Mar 18, 2023 | technology and crime

While we usually illustrate the bias of television entertainment police to show their bias against private gun ownership and police, this episode illustrates how technology can solve crime. Police are allowed to lie to suspects to get confessions. In this case, the FBI lies to get a witness using “deep fake” technology to get him to provide evidence. The husband doesn’t want to cooperate with the FBI because he worries that his wife’s kidnappers, a terrorist group, will murder her if he tells the FBI what he knows. But the FBI knows that she is already dead, and they use the “deep fake” technology to convince her husband that she is alive and that the FBI has rescued her. The terrorist group has stolen an even more deadly form of the COVID virus.

An article in Police Chief magazine from 2022 discusses the usefulness of this technology, but also the ability of criminals to fake evidence and the inability of police departments to determine whether a video is really authentic or fake.

“Deep fake” software is already readily available to the general public, though police agencies undoubtedly have access to the very best software.

CBS’ FBI, S2E14 Feb 28, 2023




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