What do the attacks in Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay in California have in common?: Very strict gun control and virtually no one has a concealed handgun permit

Jan 26, 2023 | gun control, Mass Public Shootings

California has a strict assault weapon ban, and handguns were used in both attacks, but Biden seems to think that solution to these attacks is to have a ban across the whole country. The handgun used in Monterey Park may look scary, but it is a semi-automatic handgun that functions the same as any other semi-automatic handgun. In the video above, Biden used the attacks in California to call for a new assault weapon ban.

Similarly, after the Monterey Park shooting, Sen. Dianne Feinstein called for a ban “military-style assault weapons.”

Meanwhile, California Senator Alex Padilla called for background checks to stop the attacks, though it is clear that neither of these murderers would have failed a background check.

Gun used in Monterey Park mass shooting an assault weapon - Los Angeles  Times

As of February 2022, there were 24 permits in San Mateo County, where Half Moon Bay is (one permit per every 24,630 adults (591,048 adults)). Monterey Park and Beverly Crest are in Los Angeles County and had 1,378 permits (one permit for every 5,660 adults). The data on the number of permits was obtained from the state of California Attorney General’s office when they temporarily leaked the personal information of permit holders in the state. Applications have soared after the US Supreme Court’s Bruen decision, but many counties in the state are only now just beginning to issue permits. By contrast, in the 43 right-to-carry states, there is one permit holder for every nine people. When people are allowed to carry permitted concealed handguns, they stop about half the active shooting attacks in the US.