Debate at the Broward County Crime Commission: Active Shooter Killers – Are the Solutions Really that Complex?

Nov 15, 2022 | Talk

Dr. John Lott and Dr. Ragy Girgis from Columbia University have a panel discussion on whether guns are the root cause of active killer events during a preemption and prevention-based webinar hosted by the Broward County Crime Commission.

A copy of the Webinar details is available here.

(Wednesday, September 28, 2022)

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Carjacker in Philadelphia Shot by Victim

Carjacker in Philadelphia Shot by Victim

. . . It happened late Saturday night at North Mascher and West Berks streets in Kensington. Police say the suspect approached the victim who was sitting in a vehicle. The victim fired a gun through the windshield, shattering the vehicle's glass and hitting the...