Liberal dark money network quietly recruits social media influencers to push ‘narrative that guns make us less safe’

Oct 18, 2022 | Gun Control Advocates

The MacArthur Foundation, Joyce Foundation, Sixteen Thirty, Windward, and Hopewell funds are providing money to push the message that gun ownership makes people less safe.

From Fox News:

A left-wing group aiming to shift public opinion against firearms quietly launched at the largest liberal dark money network in America, Fox News Digital has found.

Project Unloaded, an anti-gun group, hopes to create a “new cultural narrative that guns make us less safe” by undertaking campaigns targeting teens and young adults, according to its website. 

“Research shows that teens and young adults are forming opinions and making decisions about guns, Project Unloaded’s website states. “Through creative and cultural campaigns, Project Unloaded establishes safe spaces for open conversations about guns and provides accurate information about gun safety to inspire the next generation to choose on their own terms not to own a gun.”

Project Unloaded is not a standalone organization. Instead, it is a project of the New Venture Fund, a nonprofit incubator that acts as a fiscal sponsor to dozens of left-wing groups. Fiscal sponsorship involves a nonprofit providing its tax-exempt status to other groups, meaning they do not have to register with the Internal Revenue Service. . . .

The MacArthur Foundation’s cash went towards a survey of young people, ages 13 to 25, “to collect data about their beliefs, experiences and perceptions toward guns.” . . .

Joe Schoffstall, “Liberal dark money network quietly launches gun group to create ‘narrative that guns make us less safe’,” Fox News, October 18, 2022




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