On One America News: 9th Circuit decision on closing gun stores, Biden saying Voter IDs Totalitarian

Feb 3, 2022 | Television

Dr. John Lott appeared on One America News’ Tipping Point to discuss the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision on closing gun stores and shooting ranges during COVID and also the op-ed that Lott had in the Washington Times on Biden’s claims about Republicans being anti-democratic and totalitarian because they support voter ID laws.

Regarding the 9th Circuit decision: The orders by Los Angeles and Ventura counties closed down gun stores and shooting ranges even while they allowed businesses like bike shops to remain open. Despite rising crime, the counties made it impossible for people to exercise their right to self-defense, to get a gun, or even try to get a concealed handgun permit for protection or even buy ammunition. The judges’ unanimous decision complained that the counties didn’t even try to justify what businesses they decided to close. Even the judge who wrote this decision expected that it would be overturned by an en banc decision by the 9th Circuit.

The Washington Times piece is available here.

(Tipping Point, One America News, Monday, January 24, 2022)




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