Even the Avengers getting into the whole “I don’t like guns” thing, Black Widow says: “Guns aren’t really my style”

Oct 29, 2021 | Media Bias

The fictional Natasha Romanoff, AKA the Black Widow, plays one of the best spies and assassins in the world. She is always carrying two handguns on her. Possibly it is a Disney, but the new Disney Marvel series “What If . . . ” has Romanoff declaring that “Guns aren’t really my style” (Episode 8). Seriously? Isn’t it enough that television and movies already bombard us with people saying “I hate guns“? Is it really necessary to even have characters whose identity is tied up with guns now disowning them? Will we have a remake of “The Rifleman” where the lead disavows rifles?

Best Gadgets And Weapons: Handguns

The Black Widow costume wouldn’t look complete without her two handguns attached to her holsters. The fact is, despite the simplicity of them, this is Natasha’s go-to weapon. The speed of them combined with her great accuracy makes them invaluable.

George Chrysostomou, “Black Widow: Natasha’s 5 Best Gadgets & Weapons (& 5 She Could Use From Other Heroes),” CBR.com, September 10, 2020.
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