Texas has Constitutional Carry for a week, as expected the news is that so far there are no problems

Sep 10, 2021 | Constitutional Carry

With 20 other states with Constitutional Carry, it isn’t too surprising that Texas has so far experienced no problems with its new law that has been in effect for a week. As we have seen in other states, at about the six month mark and surely at the one year mark, local media will write stories about what has happened with the new law, and we expect that the stories in Texas will be similar: that none of the predicted problems have occurred.

It looks like at least one case where a person without a permit defended himself against a robbery, though he was taken into custody while police investigated the incident.

A suspect is recovering in the hospital after he was shot in the face by a man he was attempting to rob near Hobby Airport, police said. . . .

According to the Houston Police Department, a man was pulling in the driveway of a nearby gas station when an armed suspect approached him and demanded his belongings.

The man, who was also armed, pulled out his gun and shot the man in his face, police said. 

EMS was called to the scene and took the suspect to the hospital where he is expected to survive. Police said he is in custody. . . .

Chloe Alexander, “HPD: Would-be victim shoots armed robber in the face outside Houston gas station,” KHOU-11, September 9, 2021.

The experience otherwise seems to be running smoothly.

Texans may no longer need a license and its associated background check to pack their pistols in public, but gun owners can still expect to be screened by law enforcement before entering the state Capitol.

The vetting of those carrying guns without a license comes under a policy quietly implemented on Sept. 1 — the day the law took effect. Anyone carrying without a permit is required to check in at the Capitol’s west entrance, “where they will be appropriately screened” by state troopers, the Texas Department of Public Safety told The Dallas Morning News.

Firearm instructor Michael Cargill on Tuesday entered the building’s west entrance. When he told troopers he was carrying permitless, Cargill said he was asked to provide identification. A trooper then placed a phone call and gave someone Cargill’s driver’s license number.

About three minutes later, Cargill was allowed entry.

Cargill immediately recounted to The News that the trooper was running a “criminal history check” to see if Cargill qualified to carry without a permit under the new law. . . .

“In as much as DPS is charged with the protection of all the legislators and visitors to the Capitol, they’re not violating either the letter or the spirit of the law,” said Andi Turner, legislative director for the Texas State Rifle Association.

Sami Sparber, “Texas law now allows permitless carry of handguns, but gun owners still screened at state Capitol,” Dallas Morning News, September 9, 2021