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MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow describes Lott as “a very influential person,” “wrote a book that people call the bible of the NRA”

4 Sep , 2021   Video

Dr. John Lott has already written about the high school commencement hoax that gun control advocates set up this June (more available here). On June 23rd, Rachel Maddow devoted 14 minutes of her MSNBC news show to discuss it. We won’t bore you with her whole segment which she uses to laud the hoax, but if you are interested, you can find it here. Maddow described Lott the following way:

Rachel Maddow: On the right there is a man named John Lott. He is a very influential person in gun organization circles. He is an advocate for more people having guns, with fewer rules about having them or using them. He wrote a book that people call the bible of the NRA.

The Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC, June 23, 2021.


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