Gallup: Almost no Americans naming guns as the nation’s top problem, one-fourth the number who say that crime/violence is the most important problem

Aug 24, 2021 | Survey

In July 2021, A Gallup poll showed that only 1% of Americans named guns/gun control the most important problem facing the country. Nor is that any unusual polling result. By contrast, 4% of Americans viewed crime/violence as the most important problem.

Even the notoriously anti-gun NORC in a survey last December with the Associated Press found that only 5% of Americans thought gun control was one of the top five problems they wanted the government working on in 2021.

An April 21-22, 2021 survey by Rasmussen Reports showed that support for gun control had been falling recently, with 48% of likely voters saying that they supported stricter gun control laws. There is a strong partisan divide, with Republicans and Independents/others opposing stricter gun control. Even more interesting, by a 51% to 36% margin, likely voters prefer stronger enforcement of existing gun control laws over passing new ones. By contrast, a January 2021 Gallup survey showed that 41% of Americans were both dissatisfied with gun laws and wanted them to be more strict.

Rasmussen also finds that the strongest opposition to gun control is among the poor, and the strongest support is among the highest income earners, those earning more than $200,000. In addition, those who attended college but did not graduate and those who are high school graduates opposed gun control, but those who didn’t graduate from high school and who went to graduate school are the strongest supporters.

Some of the survey results from Rasmussen Reports are shown below.

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