Well worth watching: On C-SPAN’s Washington Journal: Discussing gun violence in the U.S.

11 Jul , 2021  

Dr. John Lott was interviewed on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal by Jesse Holland about gun violence in the U.S.. They start off talking about the elaborate hoax by a gun-control organization that set up a fake high school graduation for Lott to give the keynote commencement address. Few Americans seem to realize that less than 10 percent of violent crimes involve the use of firearms.

(Saturday, July 10, 2021, from 8:09 to 8:52 AM)



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  1. Tom Campbell says:

    In regard to so many victims being minorities, take a look at the CDC WISQARS database and play with the options until you find the site with the extensive filters as options.

    In general, the leading causes of death for most youth age cohorts are unintended injuries, most often motor vehicle events. But start looking at specific population subcategories, and you’ll find that a certain demographic’s leading cause of death becomes homicides.

    This story is not being emphasized in how seriously affected are indigent minority populations.

  2. Michael R Fallon says:

    The most interesting fact Dr. Lott spoke of, is that law abiding Americans use firearms to defend themselves, five times more, than the criminal use of firearms. That one fact shows you, that the plan for Marxist democrats, is to disarm the law abiding, so they can achieve the power and control they want. They don’t care about the facts.

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