Texas Goes Constitutional Carry, makes 21 states

May 25, 2021 | Gun Control Laws

By a 82 to 62 vote in the state House and a 17 to 13 vote in the state Senate, the Texas legislature has sent a Constitutional Carry bill to Governor Greg Abbott, who has promised to sign the bill.

The bill being sent to Abbott includes language that prohibits permitless carry for people convicted of certain misdemeanors in the past five years and increased penalties for felons who illegally carry a gun. It requires the Texas Department of Public Safety to develop a free online course on firearm safety and training.

Eleanor Dearman, “‘Constitutional carry’ heads to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s desk, poised to become law,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, May 24, 2021.

In addition, Constitutional Carry officially advanced today out of the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee.

The laws for the previous 20 Constitutional Carry states are available here.

Links are provided to each law in the Excel file available here.


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    He should be aloud here in ohio to also carry