Is our legal system corrupt?: Former FBI Director Louis Freeh gave $100K to Biden grandkid trust as he sought ‘future work’

May 22, 2021 | Corruption

How appropriate is it for a former FBI director donating $100,000 to a trust fund for a major Democrat who was talking about running for president? Does that come across as bribery to get an important job? “I would be delighted to do future work with you {Hunter],” according to the emails while Biden was still vice president. “I also spoke to Dad [Joe Biden] a few weeks ago and I would like to explore with him some future work options.”

A later email in 2017 discusses the $100,000 donation.

In a series of emails, Clinton’s FBI director Louis Freeh has discussions about donating $100,000 to a trust for a Joe Biden grandkid. It is also a little strange that he keeps referring to Joe Biden as “Dad” and Jill Biden as “Mom.”


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