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23 Apr , 2021  

Economist John Lott questioned the validity and effectiveness of gun control legislation.

In an interview released Saturday, Lott challenged many of the arguments made by Democrats and Joe Biden regarding proposals to restrict gun rights. One of his main focuses was looking at whom gun control laws harm, especially steep prices of background checks for private gun transfers.

“The people who benefit the most from guns, are the people who are most likely victims of violent crime,” Lott said. “That overwhelmingly tends to be poor Blacks who live in high crime urban areas. $125, even if it doesn’t make a difference for you or I being able to do it, it may make a difference between whether a poor Black is able to legally obtain a gun to protect themselves and their families.”

Lott wasn’t done taking on the unbalanced effect gun control laws tend to have on people of color. He brought up how the data of concealed carry permit holders in Los Angeles, a county where it’s extremely difficult to obtain a permit, shows bias.

“Only six and a half percent of permit holders are Black, nationwide it’s almost 14 percent. Only 6 percent of the permit holders in Los Angeles County are Hispanic,” Lott stated. “54 percent of the population in Los Angeles County is Hispanic.”

Mass shootings was another topic which Lott discussed, defying proposed gun control laws would prevent the vast majority of them.

In a recent speech announcing his plan to pursue gun control, Joe Biden called out America’s gun crime rates.

“Gun violence in this country is an epidemic, let me say it again,” Biden stated. “Gun violence in this country is an epidemic and it’s an international embarrassment.”

However, Lott had the facts on American shooting rates.

“The United States makes up about 4.6 percent of the world population. We make up about 1 percent of the mass public shooters in the world,” Lott explained. “So we’re way way below the world average.”

OAN Newsroom, “Economist John Lott Asserts Gun Control Measures Lopsidedly Hurt Minorities, Don’t Work In General,” One America News, Monday, April 19, 2021.

However, John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, said permits stop people who need protection from being able to carry, including minority residents and possibly women who are victims of domestic violence.

Thirty-one states already have some form of permitless carry. Tennesseans don’t have to be permitted to store guns in their cars.

“Not a single one of these states has seen fit to reverse this law,” Lott said during testimony. He added that none of the “dire predictions” about permitless carry have come true in other states,

Instead, violent crime rates dropped after five years in states that adopted permitless carry, according to Lott.

Sam Stockard, “Permitless gun carry bills steamroll through Tennessee legislature,” Chattanooga Times Dispatch,March 6th, 2021.

Nationally, based on a 2019 report by the Crime Prevention Research Center, Americans with concealed carry permits increased 304% since 2007 — and that number does not include a surge in permit applications after the 2016 election of Biden.

“Push for gun control shows Democrats don’t understand why Americans carry firearms,” The Gazette, April 18, 2021.

What is not debatable is that this sick phenomenon of mass murderers targeting “gun-free zones,” where they know civilian carry isn’t available to law-abiding Americans, is happening. According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, 97.8 percent of public shootings occur in “gun-free zones” – and “gun-free zones” are the epitome of the core philosophical tenant of gun control, that laws are all the defense one needs against violence.

Caleb Owens, “Big pharma, SSRIs, and mass shootings,” Vator News, April 12, 2021

Virtually every state has now passed some form of laws to allow citizens to carry concealed firearms. According to an exhaustive review of crime in America and the effects of conceal carry laws between 1977 and 1996, author John Lott concluded that these laws significantly reduced violent crime. While opponents on the left were quick to try and discredit the results, criminologist James Q. Wilson wrote in a subsequent Brookings Report, “Of the many scholars who were given Lott’s data and did their own analysis, most agree with his conclusions.”

Chris Dorsey, “One Thing Is Certain About Biden’s Call For More Gun Control, It Will Accelerate The Sale Of Guns,” Forbes, April 14, 2021.

Rhodes, an attorney retained by Tschida before the November election, has circulated to area media a conservative op-ed by John Lott Jr. attacking Seaman and the county’s election process.

The editorial fits recent conservative efforts to attack mail-in voting and raise questions around the integrity of the electoral process in general.

“The Biden administration, the Democrat-controlled Congress, and the Democratic National Committee are collectively pressing to both nationalize, and make permanent, many of the extraordinary pandemic-driven voting measures implemented during the 2020 election – particularly mass mail-in voting,” Lott wrote, “Political leaders and prominent media outlets have dismissed concerns raised by critics that such measures invite voter fraud.” . . .

Martin Kidston, “Missoula County, elections defend voting process, call legislator’s claims ‘baseless’,” Missoula Current, Apr 12, 2021; “Missoula County elections defends voting process, call legislator’s claims ‘baseless’,” Missoula Current, April 12, 2021.

Research by John R. Lott, Jr., has shown that concealed carry laws lead to a significant reduction in the incidence of rape and aggravated assault.  When my girls head off to college, I don’t think they should have to wait until their junior year to be able to protect themselves.

Kris Kobach, “The Kansas Legislature Votes to Reduce the Age for Concealed Carry,” Breitbart, April 9, 2021.

A count of mail-in ballots in Montana’s second-most populous county found a “troubling discrepancy” arising from the 2020 election that has the attention of state officials.

The review of mail-in and absentee ballot envelopes was conducted by a group of Missoula County citizens in January, finding 4,592 fewer votes than the 72,491 that were tallied, which comes to a 6.33% discrepancy, and other issues. 

Missoula resident John Lott, the president of the Crime Prevention Research Center and a Justice Department adviser toward the end of the Trump administration, publicized the findings in a post published by RealClearInvestigations on March 24. Such a level of potentially fraudulent ballots, Lott wrote, could have been the difference in local elections in which there was a small margin of victory. He also stressed how this review was “unprecedented” because it looked at all the envelopes versus a small sampling, which was the case in other places after the 2020 contest, as Republicans around the country raise concerns about the integrity of widespread use of mail-in ballots. . . .

Daniel Chaitin,” ‘Troubling discrepancy’ in Montana county mail-in ballot review gets state-level,” Washington Examiner, April 07, 2021.

If the 12 people who were prevented from purchasing a firearm were cold-blooded killers, wouldn’t they have already been in jail? If not, why not? The conclusion that I’m sure you’ve already come to, is that over 112,000 people in 2017 were denied the right to keep and bear while being rendered defenseless during the process for no good reason, but the anti-gun crowd wants to hypothesize who “may” do something bad with a gun and deny them their constitutional rights. Professor John Lott has estimated that up to 99% of NICS denials are false positives based on the number of actual criminals apprehended or convictions obtained.

Dan Wos, “Exposing the Left’s Real Intent Behind Gun Background Checks ~VIDEO,” Ammoland, April 9, 2021.

Doctor John Lott is the president and one of the principal researchers at the Crime Prevention Research Center. Dr. Lott recently reminded us that guns save lives and stop mass murder. I’d forgotten about a few of these incidents, though I’m sure I read a little about them at the time. In contrast, the news media covers mass murderers for days on end. To help offset that media bias, let’s look back only 10 months to see what we did.

You might have forgotten, but you saved lives. . . .

Rob Morse, “Carry a Concealed Firearm Because You Can Stop Mass Murder and Save Lives,” Ammoland, April 7, 2021.

Another association that can be found when examining data has been explained by author John Lott as “more guns, less crime.”

In 1986, Florida legislators enacted a concealed carry law.  Today, more than 1 million residents have permits.

Since then, the number of murders has declined steadily.

Lloyd Brown, “Mass shootings are less about guns than mental illness,” American Thinker, April 5, 2021.

Authored four books: Rock the House; Leave Us Alone – Getting the Government’s Hands Off Our Money, Our Guns, Our Lives; Debacle: Obama’s War on Jobs and Growth and What We Can Do Now to Regain Our Future (with co-author John Lott) . . .

Washington Post Live, “A Conversation with Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform,” Washington Post, April 9, 2021.


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