An undiscovered video of a talk by Lott in 2013 on what will determine the outcome of the gun control debate

Mar 21, 2021 | Talk

In 2013, at the time that the CPRC was founded, Dr. John Lott gave a talk in Hartford, Connecticut to the Connecticut Citizens Defense League. This is a video of that talk that we just discovered.


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  1. Zundfolge

    At this point, increases in murder and violent crime rates (especially in poor, minority neighborhoods) seem to be the primary goal of the gun control advocacy. Not simply an unintended consequence of ignorant policies.

    Low crime rates don’t encourage people to vote for larger and more intrusive government. High crime rates do. Part of the reason the black community votes in lock-step with the Democrats is that the Democrats have created these problems in their communities and then told them its Republican racism causing the problem and they continue to vote 90%+ for Democrats as a result.

    Setting aside the idea that some gun control (particularly AWBs) is intended to disarm would-be revolutionaries. Its clear that gun control is the best way to make people’s lives more miserable and thus dependent on The State.