Defensive Gun Uses where people legally carrying concealed guns have stopped crime, cases from late September to mid October 2019

Nov 6, 2020 | Defensive Gun Use, Featured

Nicholasville, Ky, September 23, 2019

According to police, a pizza delivery driver turned the tables on some would-be robbers by pulling out his own weapon and trading shots with them in Nicholasville.
This happened outside of the Nicholasville Comfort Inn shortly after 8:30 p.m. on Saturday.
Police said an adult and a minor attempted to rob the Domino’s driver at gunpoint when the driver pulled out his own gun.
The two groups then exchanged a brief, but wild volley of shots, leaving innocent bystanders shaken up.
“I know there were some people in the parking lot who said they took cover. Obviously we saw where some rounds had hit the building. So, I think people were kind of alerted and a little nervous about this situation,” said Sgt. Kevin Grimes with the Nicholasville Police Department.
The adult suspect was the only one shot in the exchange.
He was taken to UK Hospital, where he went in to surgery on Saturday night. His condition is unknown as of Sunday morning.

The juvenile suspect is in police custody.
Charges against the two are pending, according to police.

Fairlawn, OH, September 23, 2019

Officers found the 24-year-old victim with two gunshot wounds to his legs. The victim told police that he had just arrived at a nearby home when two men walked up to him. Both of the men had weapons pointed at him and then demanded money, authorities stated.
The victim, who holds a CCW permit, drew his gun, and that’s when police say multiple shots were fired by the robbers and the victim.
The would-be robbers fled the scene before police arrived. The victim was transported to Akron General Medical Center by EMS.
Polk County, FL, September 24, 2019

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating the shooting, but says the woman with the gun is not facing any charges.
“She is legally allowed to own that firearm. She’s protecting her private business and her family members. He’s the one who has committed the felony battery. So, he’s got a warrant for felony battery, he’s also got a warrant for assault for threatening to come back and kill her,” said Carrie Horstman with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office….
“This suspect, Marcus Allen, he’s 23 years old, drove over to these people’s business. He knows them, they know him and he started beating on one of the victims and in fear for her husband’s safety the woman pulled out a gun and warned them to leave them alone,” said Horstman.
Lithonia, Georgia, September 30, 2019

Channel 2’s Audrey Washington learned that a fight broke out between a customer, Jeremiah Furlow, possibly another customer and the employee, neither of which has been identified.
Police said the argument continued outside in the parking lot and Furlow pointed a weapon at the employee and threatened to him. Police said the employee fired shots, wounding Furlow and killing the other customer….
The employee was detained and taken for questioning but will not be charged, police said….
The manager said she knows the Subway employee and feels he did whatever he could to protect himself.
Conroe, Texas October 2, 2019

According to Assistant District Attorney Donna Berkey, a man and his son were at a business on Texas 105 near Chrystal Forest Drive when they heard glass breaking around 2 a.m. Wednesday….
Once outside, the business owner was confronted by a man with a crowbar and the business owner fired a handgun several times striking the man at least twice. Berkey said the man ran about 150 feet before collapsing….
According to information from the DA’s office, a business owner, regardless of whether they are licensed to carry, is in lawful possession of a gun because of the castle doctrine. The castle doctrine is an exception to a rule in place in some jurisdictions that requires a defendant to retreat before using deadly force in self-defense. The castle exception states that if a defendant is in his home or business he is not required to retreat prior to using deadly force in self-defense.
Long Island, New York, October 3, 2019

Police say 50-year-old Theodore Scoville walked into the store swinging dangerously close to the owner with a two-foot blade, and the owner shot him.
“He had a sword beneath a poncho, it seems to be without saying a word, he pulled the sword out, swung it three times — at least three times — at a very close distance to the person behind the counter,” said Lt. Det. Kevin Beyrer with the Suffolk County police.
Officials said the incident does not appear to be a robbery attempt and the store owner’s gun was legal. He is not expected to be charged
Akron, Ohio, October 6, 2019

Police said 22-year-old Jontae Alexander tried to rob a person at gunpoint on Rhodes Avenue at about 10:30 p.m. Sunday. The victim pulled out a gun and shot Alexander, who died at the hospital.

Police say as of right now no charges will be pressed against the man who shot Alexander
Dayton, Ohio, October 9, 2019

Roosevelt Rappley entered the Dayton-area store, produced a firearm and starting demanding money. One of the store clerks was a concealed carry permit holder and was legally armed. Once the suspect pointed his weapon at this clerk, he drew his own weapon and fired, striking the subject in the chest.
Rappley returned fire, hitting no one, before stumbling outside and collapsing. He was pronounced dead at the scene
Birmingham, Alabama, October 9, 2019

It shows two masked men entering the store Wednesday shortly after 6:30 pm. They had guns. A customer and sales associate at the counter. The customer forced to the ground. That’s when the owner opened fire. Then the shootout.
The owner of the store was in a back room watching the events unfold on a security camera. He waited for the customer to get out of the way. Then he fired a shot. The suspects returned fire. And one of the bullets hit a door hinge. The owner was very lucky that he wasn’t hit
Salt Lake City, Utah, October 12, 2019

Two cousins robbed a girl and her father at gunpoint when the four met up to sell a phone in Salt Lake City on Saturday. Then, the father pulled out his own gun and fired at the cousins as they ran away, jail records show….
The girl’s father will not face charges, according to Unified Police Sgt. Melody Gray….
The girl and her father withdrew the agreed-upon amount in cash from an ATM, then drove to the address the seller had provided about 6:15 p.m., according to a police affidavit. But when they knocked on the door, there was no answer.
As they returned to their car, two males approached them, brandishing a knife and gun. The two demanded the money, as well as a phone that was sitting on the center console of the father’s car, jail records show. The girl and her father handed over the money and phone, and the pair fled.
As the two ran away, the girl’s father pulled out his own gun and fired three rounds at them because he “was in fear for others’ lives, knowing they had a gun,” according to jail records.
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