Massive gun sales in March 2020

Apr 1, 2020 | Featured

The number of NICS checks involving gun sales was 2.3 million in March. There is no month that comes even close to these sales, even when sales were booming during the Obama presidency. Compare it to March 2019 where the sales were 1.2 million or March 2018 where the sales were 1.4 million — so last month was a 91% or 64% increases over those comparable months. It is also up from 1.2 million in February, 1.1 million in January, and 1.49 in December (note Decembers are usually the highest month).

Some are incorrectly stating that the number sales is 3.7 million, but that includes background checks that have nothing to do with the sale of guns (e.g., it includes background checks on concealed handgun permit holders that are done monthly in some states to see if they have committed a crime and thus must lose their permit). The correct number is 2.3 million, which is still a big increase. That number is obtained by adding up the handgun, long gun, other and multiple NICS checks in the NICS check report that breaks out background checks by type of check.


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  1. Ralph Bach

    I’ve had a concealed license since 2016 but only carried occasionally because our city and county is fairly safe. But now with people losing their jobs, criminals being released, uncertainty about the future, and being disabled, every time I leave the house these days, the pistol is with me.


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