Television Shows Misrepresenting Facts: On CBS’s “FBI: Most Wanted” School Principal indicates idea of arming teachers is nutty

27 Jan , 2020   Video

On CBS’s “FBI: Most Wanted,” a school principal explains to FBI agents about a nutty conspiracy theorist who also supports arming teachers to stop mass public school shootings. The principal obviously indicates to the agents what a nutty idea that he thinks that it is.

This is only one of the many biased media claims against guns in this episode.

A new report from the Crime Prevention Research Center studied all the school shootings in the US from 2000 through the end of 2018. Twenty states have teachers carrying guns to varying degrees, and the study found that no one was shot (either wounded or killed) at an of the schools that allowed teachers to carry. There were no attacks that harmed people at any of these schools. All the attacks occurred at schools that didn’t have armed teachers.

(Air Date: Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020)



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  1. Michael R Brannick says:

    I just watched FBI:Most Wanted S1, E4 Caesar. In the opening scene the most wanted criminal walks into a room and kills 5 gang members with a full automatic rifle; an M-4 I’d guess. The FBI later identifies it as an AR. I didn’t see any other anti-gun propaganda.

  2. Brad says:

    I have often thought that it’s really pretentious of anyone to suggest that qualified teachers with carry permits must be forced to NOT protect students. That is especially silly considering that permit concealed holders have been shown to be more accurate shots, less likely to shoot innocent bystanders, and far less likely to commit gun crimes than the average police person… not to mention that the police are far enough away from your children, that they reliably arrive just AFTER the shooting ends.

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