How badly does the media bias people’s views on the types of deaths from firearms?

Oct 13, 2019 | Featured

A new survey from American Associate for Public Opinion Research shows that Americans are much more likely to think that mass shootings and other types of homicides make up a much larger share of total homicides than they do. The huge gap between how people think individuals die from guns and how they do is undoubtedly due to media bias.


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  1. nancy bennett

    Your graph here is very clear and will be helpful. But for better clarity, please tell me the time period this data covers. Specifically, details like whether it was gathered before or after the Las Vegas mass shooting will be questioned.
    Thank you.
    PS: I am one of many gun rights supporters who testifies annually at the New Mexico legislature, and all statistics are useful. I have spoken to you at gatherings of USCCA and SAF, and I’mvery grateful for your work.