Retail Store Policies on allowing guns in stores

7 Sep , 2019  

Only one retailer bans guns in their stores. While a number don’t allow open carrying of guns, that is not the most important type of carrying of guns (see a piece we wrote earlier on open versus concealed carry).

Retailers with no gun restrictions

No. 16 TJX Companies ($29.59 billion)

No. 19 Macy’s ($24.9 billion)

No. 17 Aldi ($28.78 billion)

Retailers that request customers do not openly carry firearms

No. 1 Walmart ($387.66 billion)

No. 3 Kroger ($119.70 billion)

No. 5 Walgreens ($98.39 billion)

No. 7 CVS ($83.79 billion)

No. 8 Target ($74.48 billion)

No. 12 Royal Ahold Delhaize USA (Giant, Food Lion, Hannaford)

No. 20 H-E-B Grocery ($24.02 billion)

No. 26 Starbucks ($17.41 billion)

Retailers that ban firearms

No. 4 Costco ($101.43 billion)

Retailers that will not respond to questions about gun policies

No. 2 Amazon (stores)

No. 9 Lowe’s

No. 10 Albertsons (Safeway)

No. 11 Apple stores

No. 13 Best Buy

No. 14 McDonald’s

No. 15 Publix

No. 18 Dollar General

No. 21. Dollar Tree

No. 22 Verizon

No. 23. Kohl’s

No. 24. Yum! Brands

No. 25 Meijer

No. 27 Ace Hardware

No. 28 Wakefern/Shoprite

No. 29. 7-Eleven

No. 30 AT&T

More details available here.


4 Responses

  1. C Hurnard says:

    Hey John. Think you should check Costco again at least Tennessee Costco’s. They removed the No Guns signs after Tennessee passed the law making businesses financially responsible for persons with valid carry permits who were forced to leave their handgun in their vehicle and were subsequently the victim of an assault while on the premises.

  2. Tom Campbell says:

    If I were the CEO of Costco, I’d be very leery of this information, given what is now well known about GFZs.

    • Bob says:

      I’ve been a Costco member for more than 25 years. Guess I’m going to have to put safety over savings. Don’t want to be caught in a killing field. Aldi will make my transition easier.

      Perhaps they understand God given unalienable rights and “shall not be infringed”.

  3. Frank Padia says:

    Sprouts Market out of Arizona also bans all firearms. They are a national natural food store.

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