On Canadian CTV: The very initial news coverage of the El Paso Mass Public Shooting

11 Aug , 2019   Video

Dr. John Lott was on Canada’s CTV to provide a discussion of the initial news that came in about the El Paso Mass Public Shooting. The initial reports had indicated that the attack had occurred in a mall managed by the Simon Mall chain, which banned permitted concealed handguns. Here is a copy of the mall’s code of conduct. Those initial reports proved to be wrong, but the general point remain important for the vast majority of these attacks.

(CTV, Saturday, August 3, 2019, 5 PM)



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  1. Vince Craig says:

    I have been a member of the NRA for several years. In a recent debate with my Psychologist Sister, she asked me if the NRA is supporting any research groups that study Mental Illness as it pertains to these mass shootings. After posing the question to the NRA staff several times I came away with no answer or they did not know. Please help me understand if any research is taking place at this time.

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