More women getting concealed handgun permits: Our work on the increasing number of concealed handgun permits for women gets news attention

27 Aug , 2019   Video

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From the Scripps TV Station Group:

Alayna Stockton is a real estate agent. She wants to make a sale, but more importantly, she wants to stay safe.

“You can’t rely on law enforcement,” she says. “They can’t be everywhere all the time.”

So, Stockton is taking matters into her own hands, by the way of a 9mm handgun. She is also taking concealed carry classes, so she can eventually take her gun with her to open houses.

“It does give you a sense of safety, not just in real estate, but in being in public,” she says.

We’re learning more women like Stockton are getting their concealed carry permits.

In a recent study, the Crime Prevention Research Center found that between 2012 and 2018, the number of women in the United States with concealed carry permits increased by 207 percent.

At the Guns For Everyone gun shop, they’re holding a concealed carry class specifically for women. . . .


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