On Fox Nation with Judge Napolitano: On Red Flag Laws and New Jersey’s Large Magazine Ban

12 Jul , 2019   Video

Dr. John Lott talked to Judge Andrew Napolitano about a range of gun control issues from Red Flag Laws to New Jersey’s ban on large magazines to what is the most important fact in the gun control debate.

Napolitano: “Probably the foremost authority on gun rights in the United States from an academic, legal, and theoretical perspective, John Lott.”

(Liberty File, Fox Nation, July 5, 2019)



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  1. John Damon says:

    The San Diego DA is putting on seminars on how to implement the Red Flag Law in California and in other locals around the country. Only Law enforcement and court personnel are allowed to attend. No private attorneys. One of those seminars was held locally (Humboldt County) a few months ago. I met with the chief of Police for the City of Arcata to discuss the matter (he had sponsored the seminar). I explained to him, you have an ex-parte court proceeding, in which unchallenged statements are made which normally would be considered hearsay, resulting in an individual losing guaranteed Constitutional rights. I asked him how he feels about violating his oath of office to support and defend the Constitution? He could not answer on that issue. I live in California with a psychotic ex-wife just down the street. With the exception of the guns I have for home defense, I have had to move my collection of vintage Winchesters out of State. When will Red Flag Laws be challenged??

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