Television Show Bias against guns: ABC’s in The Fix every time the gun used in self-defense something goes wrong

11 May , 2019   Video

Each time Maya Travis (Robin Tunney), who plays the show’s lead, tries to use a gun in self-defense something goes wrong. Previously, in the first episode, she almost shot her boyfriend Riv (Marc Blucas) because she thought that he is an intruder. Now when she is being stalked by some unknown person, she starts carrying her gun, only to have it stolen after she leaves her car.

For other examples of media bias against guns in other TV shows see here.

(Season 1, Episode 7, aired Monday, April 29, 2019)

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2 Responses

  1. Michael R Fallon says:

    Of course. One of the fundamental rules of gun safety, is ” be sure you can see, and identify your target, as a threat. Also, if you plan on carrying a gun, it needs to be on your person, at all times. If you keep a gun in a car without and adequate bolted down safe, inside, it will easily be stolen. Look at http://www.consolevault.com. Hollywood is strange. They make movies with shoot’em up action flicks, but when a tv show or movie shows an individual trying to responsibly buy, or get a gun, they are shown, as irresponsible, and stupid.

    • CyborgHunter says:

      Mr. Fallon,
      If your care is stolen, no safe is going to keep the thieves from getting your gun.
      Any cabled down lockbox will thwart a smash and grab.

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