CRPC in the Associated Press: On Florida approaching 2 million concealed handgun permit holders

13 Apr , 2019  

The Associated Press has an article on Florida approaching 2 million concealed handgun permit holders. The attached national graph is from the Associated Press article.

Florida had a total of 1,971,997 currently valid concealed weapon permits as of March 31, according to the latest figures from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The number grows about 17,500 each month. Additionally 12,745 judges, correctional officers, military or law enforcement officials hold permits in Florida.

At the current rate, Florida – with its population of 21.3 million people – was expected to surpass the 2-million mark for civilians before summer, said Stephen Hurm, director of licensing at the state agency that issues permits.

Florida already leads the United States in total number of currently valid permits, according to data from the Crime Prevention Research Center, a Virginia-based nonprofit that is pro-gun rights and studies gun ownership, crime and public safety. Texas has the second-highest number, at 1.36 million as of December, according to figures from that state’s Department of Public Safety. . . .

By using only 3 levels of concealed handgun permits, the Associated Press diagram using our data and misses a lot of the variation across states. They used are study available here. It is a little misleading as the three states that they list as having between 14 and 23 percent of the adult population with permits are all actually above 20 percent.

The article appeared in hundreds of news outlets including: The Miami Herald, April 10, 2019; The San Francisco Chronicle, April 10, 2019; San Diego Union-Tribune, April 10, 2019; Houston Chronicle, April 10, 2019; The State (Columbia, South Carolina), April 10, 2019; San Antonio Express, April 10, 2019; Tampa Bay Times, April 10, 2019; Raliegh News & Observer, April 10, 2019; Laredo Times, April 10, 2019; WTSP Channel 10 (Tampa, Florida), April 10, 2019; Seattle PI, April 10, 2019; The Fresno Bee (Fresno, California), April 10, 2019; Idaho Statesman, April 10, 2019; WFOR CBS Channel 4 (Miami, Florida); WKRG Channel 5 (Mobile, Alabama); Washington Times, April 10, 2019; First Coast NBC/ABC (Jacksonville, Florida); The Connecticut Post, April 10, 2019; The Keys News (Florida Keys), April 10, 2019; WFLA Channel 8 (Tampa, Florida); Fox 35 (Orlando, Florida); WTVT Fox Channel 13 (Tampa, Florida); WTXL ABC Channel 27 (Tallahassee, Florida); WWSB ABC Channel 7 (Sarasota, Florida); and Wink News, April 10, 2019.

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