CPRC testifies before Pittsburgh City Council on gun-control: Universal Background Checks, Red Flag Laws, etc…

Feb 13, 2019 | Featured

Dr. Lott testified before the Pittsburgh City Council about a range of gun control laws that they are considering and offers a compromise in the debate on how to fix the Background Check System if they truly want Universal Background Checks. A compromise that seems to be ignored. Notice the behavior of Councilman Bruce Kraus at the end of the video.

The City Council is considering everything from an assault weapons ban to a Red Flag Law.

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  1. John Evans

    It is so sad that Councilman Kraus sat there for a considerable length of time and had his mind closed. His conclusion was that there was no verified data backing up Dr. Lott’s presentation. Apparently he doesn’t know what a peer reviewed study is. He concluded that no positive suggestions were made, but apparently wasn’t listening when Dr. Lott made two significant suggestions about who should pay for private gun transfers and fixing the NICS system to avoid 3 million false positives. He apparently was too closed minded to understand the obvious conclusion that Gun Free Zones are ineffective and draw mass killers. He also failed to realize that mass killers do it for notoriety, and he is considering legislation that ignores the reason, but attempts to fix the symptom. He also thinks that protecting schools will turn them into a war zone and fails to view it’s reasonably. He also failed to note that the majority of shooting are gang and drug related and if he’d concentrate on fighting those, he’d have fewer murders in his city. His only conclusion is that if they “ban guns it has to make it safer” in spite of the contrary evidence. It is hard to open a closed mind.

  2. Jim McNamara

    Once again well presented data failed to sway an electorate hell bent on passing ineffective feel good legislation. How far do politicians have to travel down this road to realize that the road taken does not, cannot, and will not achieve the intended objective? An often overlooked reality is the fact that one cannot legislate the psychological mindset of a murderer. Anti-gun politicians are universally myopic … blind to the lessons of history and elementary principles of economics. Prohibition did not curtail the flow of alcohol. A “war on guns” will not rid our society of guns any more than the “war on drugs” has rid our society of drugs. As long as there is a market, and as long as there are criminals, laws will be broken and regulations circumvented by means of black “marketeering”. Supply and demand economics always has and always will prevail over legislation, regulation and enforcement. More and more layers of gun control laws that merely impact the law-abiding, and not the criminals who are inconvenienced but not curtailed by laws, will not solve a problem that arguably is a difficult problem to resolve, but denial of and dismissing relevant data is NOT a step in the right direction!

    • Randall matheny

      Fact: The close minded politicians care only about reelection and hanging onto power with a view towards reelection. Liberty concerns them only so far as it affects their chances of reelection and clinging to power. They care about their constituents only so far as they can manipulate enough of them to get reelected and hang onto power. No, I am not cynical. I have just lived long enough to know them for who they are.

  3. Derek Hunter

    Who is this city councilman who walks in late (clearly missing much of the presentation) and condescendingly presents his agenda-driven bs idiocy? (38:15 mins) He hypocritically and exaggeratedly, using hyperbole and pure inanity, to fail to make valid points. He clearly says that he sees his duty as an “elected official” is to impress his personal deires and patriarchal self-view upon his constituents. After giving his statement, he walks out. A demonstration of his lack of committment to anything but himself.
    He says his “door is open” but it is clear his mind is closed.

    The second councilman (41:00) uses hostile language and actually says he walked out for a while and that he refuses to accept or even listen to someone he disagrees with- bruce kraus- a foul mouthed and clearly ugly-minded, somewhat paranoid, close-mmded fool who in a very sad way probably does reflect what his constituents values may be. As the topping on his puke-biscuit he first attacks and subsequently condescends to the what appears to be the only African-American in the room, showing that in addition to being close-minded and prejudiced on the gun issue, he is a racist as well.

    After a barrage of facts, presented with corroborating information and specific references these “council-persons” simply dismiss those facts out of hand and in an ugly fashion in favor of their own prejudices. They can’t even be polite about it. They have the courtesy of the pigs in “Animal Farm.”
    I have two “takeaways”:
    1) Pittsburgh voters elect very simple-minded people to their city council.
    2) This city council is a the clear result of the failure of our public school system to provide a grounding in civics and citizenship for the students in its care.

  4. ThinkLonger

    Something to consider is every time a mass shooting occurs, don’t just provide data. Provide the emotional response that we MUST stop restricting law abiding from stopping these mass shootings. We must end “gun free” zones. We must stop restrictions that prevent or delay law abiding from purchasing firearms. We must stop restrictions that limit law abiding, but allow the criminals to ignore the same restrictions. By restricting law abiding, we are contributing to the increase of mass shootings.