Two Concealed Handgun Permit Holders Stop What Could have been a Mass Public Shooting in Tumwater, Washington

18 Jun , 2018   Video

He is a hero,” Adams said. “He took action. I really think more people could have been shot… he saved us all.”

A wild rampage at a Walmart in Tumwater, Washington was stopped when three concealed handgun permit holders confronted and killed the attacker. The attacker had carjacked a vehicle that he drove to the Walmart. Once there, the attacker stole ammunition and then went out of the store, continuing to shoot at people. He unsuccessfully tried to carjack another vehicle, seriously wounding the driver. When he attempted to carjack a second car, two armed customers shot dead the attacker.

According to the local Fox affiliate and Fox News, the man who killed the attacker is a pastor with five kids who was out with his family.

More details are available at KOMO News here.


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  1. Michael Fallon says:

    Can you imagine if this had happened in a gun ban State like New Jersey? A lot of body bags would have been filled with people unable to defend themselves. Glad to see people take charge of their own safety. You notice, the Police weren’t there. I know they try, but the cold stark reality, is the Police are never there in those precious seconds when your life and the lives of your loved ones hang in the balance. That is a fact.

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