“The Great Gun Control Debate” – Northern Michigan University

Apr 3, 2018 | Featured

Dr. John Lott and Dr. Mike Weisser faced off in “The Great Gun Control Debate” at Northern Michigan University on March 28th, 2018. Unfortunately, the memory in the video camera was full so only half of Dr. Weisser’s talk was recorded.



  1. Sean Sheridan

    The video seems to cut out before the end of the event. Is there somewhere we can see or hear the rest of the debate?

  2. Kevin

    When the second gentleman began his opening statement with anecdotal evidence, he lost the debate. The question of removing Rights from citizens must not be done through anecdotal evidence, it must be done through clear, unemotional data. For those that believe the 2nd Amendment is no longer required in our “advanced society”, there is a means to remove or alter the Bill of Rights. If that is truly the want of the electorate, it may be accomplished.