On Bret Baier’s Special Report on Fox News to discuss whether permitted concealed handguns make people safer

26 Sep , 2017   Video

This segment focused on the Church shooting in Antioch, Tennessee that was stopped by an armed hero. Piecing together the story from multiple accounts, a 25-year-old shooter, Emanuel Kidega Samson, killed one person in the parking lot, entered the church, and started shooting.  A 22-year-old usher, Robert Engle, tried to wrestle with the shooter, but Samson is a very large bodybuilder, and Engle realized that he was not strong enough to stop him.  Engle then ran to his car and got his permitted concealed handgun. The usher came back into the church and confronted the attacker, holding him there at gunpoint until police arrived. With one dead and seven wounded, the attack could have been much worse.

Dr. John Lott talked to Fox’s Doug McKelway about the impact that permitted concealed handguns have on crime rates.  The discussion of the 2004 National Research Council report is somewhat misleading, and the research on the issue of permitted concealed handguns is a lot more lopsided than indicated.

The text of McKelway’s discussion in the Fox News segment is available here.



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