Greg Gutfeld notes CRPC research on Fox: Mentions how gun control laws prevent the poor from defending themselves

8 Aug , 2017  

On Monday, August 7th at 9:09 PM, Greg Gutfeld discussed Dr. John Lott’s new op-ed in the Chicago Tribune that discussed how gun control laws are disarming the very people, poor blacks, who need protection the most.

GUTFELD: The reason why we’re doing this segment is because it’s about Chicago, which is a glaring murder problem.

FOWLER: But that’s not caused by illegal immigrants. That’s caused by illegal guns.

GUTFELD: I’m getting to that point. You’re absolutely wrong. It’s caused by illegal guns. It’s caused by criminals.

FOWLER: [cross talk]

GUTFELD: Let me finish. Let me indulge you and say, there is no correlation between sanctuary cities, and the mass of murders that are taking place on the streets of Chicago. What it does show you is that a city prefers to act symbolically with things like sanctuary cities rather than acting concretely to stop the murders. So, they’ll sit there and they’ll get up and they’ll talk about sanctuary cities while people are actually dying.

Poor urban blacks are the most likely to be the victims of crime. We know that. The way that you can stop and reduce that crime is making guns more available to them to defend themselves against the criminals. Their permits are too high in Illinois, they are like 450 bucks for permits and training. John Lott has a great article in that this morning. In New York, you got to be rich and powerful to get a permit.

We are denying poor, law-abiding citizens the right to defend themselves against people that are out there with illegal guns. Because you can get illegal guns in gun controlled cities like Chicago. Every time you blame it on illegal guns, you are showing that gun control doesn’t work. Especially in cities like Chicago where gun control is so high.


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  1. Greg says:

    Talk to the police chief the one who answers to the anti second amendment mayoral and if he came out in support of Gutfelds truth in self defense would be looking for a new job this afternoon. The Chiefs of the major metropolitan areas have no freedom to counter the inane policies that the PC mayor puts out.

  2. RadarRecon says:

    When will idiot liberals realize that CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY GUN LAWS!
    Taking guns away from, or denying the availability of guns to, honest citizens DOES NOT PROTECT HONEST CITIZENS.

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