Views on guns might be changing in the UK

7 Jun , 2017  

A new poll from Sky News finds that there is massive support for arming police with guns:

The vast majority of Britons support routinely arming police officers in the UK, a Sky Data poll reveals.

Some 72% of the public say police officers should be routinely armed, while 20% think the police should not carry guns as a matter of routine.

Excluding those who answered “neither” or “don’t know”, 78% support arming police and 22% oppose. . . .

The views of police are also more generally favorable towards them being armed.

A poll of Metropolitan Police officers in February found that 44% think there should be more specialist firearms officers in their force, while 26% said police should be routinely armed.

Only 12% said they would not carry a firearm on duty under any circumstances. . . .

The UK Daily Mail had a review of an older book, A Brief History Of Crime, by Peter Hitchens, that shows that some were questioning the gun control regulations even before the recent terrorist attacks.

. . . People in this country get emotional about guns but refuse to think about them. They run, squawking, from the subject as though it were perfectly obvious that the best response to anything that goes ‘bang’ is to ban it.

Those who own or keep guns are treated as only slightly less repellent than child molesters. In a perfect example of this silly frenzy, a Doncaster college lecturer was sacked last January for allowing a student to bring a toy plastic gun into class for use in a photography project. . . .

One astonishing statistic shows just what a deterrent they can be. In Britain, roughly half of all burglaries take place while the householder is at home. In the United States, where the home-owner is likely to be armed, only one burglary in eight happens when there is someone at home. And in some states, which openly license residents to use deadly force against intruders, burglary is virtually unknown. . . .

Yet if this policy was supposed to stem the rise in armed crime, it has completely failed. A former senior police officer, Colin Greenwood, has studied this in detail and says, devastatingly: ‘There is no statistical relationship between the numbers of firearms legally held in Britain and the use of firearms in homicide or robbery.’. . .


4 Responses

  1. Chris M Frost says:

    It is a god given right to defend one’s self, and family.
    All people, in all countries should have the fundamental right to carry a firearm if they so choose. The world has changed, but note the most outspoken and influential anti-gun morons make sure they have armed security for themselves. Police officers should of course be armed. The TV scenes of UK police running away from knife wielding thugs would be funny if not so serious. US cops meanwhile, run towards trouble.
    Maybe because they are armed?

  2. Cris Baker says:

    People compare “gun violence” numbers to condemn American gun ownership. But they actually need to compare violent crime numbers. In America, gun ownership has doubled and violent crime has halved over the past 25 years. In Britain, since gun ownership and self-defense was largely banned, violent crime has exploded. The violent crime rate (per 100,000 people) in Britain is over four times the rate in America. Guns make America far safer for everybody…

  3. Bob Shell says:

    It amazes me that anywhere they would have unarmed cops but it shows how stupid some people are. What good is it when a cop is standing there blowing a whistle while some is getting stabbed. It might be asking too much but how about arming the citizens. In the US there is talk about congressmen getting permission to carry a gun in DC. Good but how about the rest of us. It should be either everyone gets a permit or no one. Why should they have different laws then the rest of us?

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