Seven defensive gun uses by people legally carrying guns in public over eleven days

12 Jun , 2017  

Jacksonville, Florida, Fox 30, June 5, 2017

. . . A police report says the pizza delivery driver was walking into a business on Lem Turner Road when a man with a gun demanded money. . . .

The driver said he handed Jordan $91 in cash and his keys then backed away as Jordan got into his car.

The driver said Jordan suddenly re-emerged, pointed the gun at him and fired shots.

The driver said he pulled out his own gun and began to fire back at Jordan.

The driver said Jordan fired multiple shots at him, but all of them missed.

Jordan fled on foot and got into a white SUV, witnesses said.

Officers found three bullet holes on a car and shell casings at the scene.

Surveillance footage showed the robbery and shooting, officers said. . . .

Davie, Florida, Sun-Sentinel, June 4, 2017

A man who pulled a .45 caliber handgun and shot and killed another man with whom he had been arguing inside a restaurant acted in self-defense, police said. . . .

“Based on our investigation we believe that Lindo acted in self-defense under Florida’s Stand Your Ground statute,” Davie Police Capt. Dale Engle said in a statement Sunday morning. . . .

Police said Lindo fired a handgun which he was licensed to carry. Primus was not armed, police said.

Lindo and Primus apparently did not know each other when they began arguing inside the restaurant, according to police. The subject of the argument or how it started was unclear, police said. . . .

After Primus and Lindo got into an argument, Primus and his co-worker, both employed by Davie-based Jorgensen Contract Services, left the restaurant and sat in their truck in the parking lot, police said. . . .

When Primus saw Lindo, he got out of the truck, confronted Lindo and the two men tussled, Engle said. During that fight, Lindo pulled a handgun and fired several rounds, police said. . . .

Franklin, Ohio, WKRC, June 5, 2017

According to Franklin Police, an elderly woman was walking to a business near the 200 block of North Main Street around 11 a.m. on Monday when a man grabbed her purse and ran away.

Another witness, a woman, saw the robbery take place and approached the robber, telling him to stop.

The witness reportedly said she saw that the robber had a holster on his hip. Thinking that the robber was armed, the witness drew her own weapon, pointed it at the robber and told him to drop the purse.

The robber dropped the purse, but continued running. . . .

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, NBC Channel 10, June 9, 2017

The repo driver, operating a large pickup truck, tried to pluck the vehicle from in front of the Eight Brothers Food Market at 18th and Dickinson around 10:20 a.m. Friday, not realizing a woman was inside, Philadelphia Police said.

The woman — who owed money on the SUV — got out of the vehicle and called both the bank and her boyfriend, police said.

The woman’s 32-year-old boyfriend showed up and pistol-whipped the repo man, investigators said. The repo driver hears glass shattering and thought he was being shot at so he used his own gun to fire back in self-defense, police said. . . .


Winston-Salem, North Carolina, WFMY News, June 5, 2017

A man shot and killed a suspect that tried to rob him on Monday afternoon, Winston-Salem Police said.

Police responded to the 3700 block of Prospect Drive on a reported shooting.

Officers found Demarcus Delaneo Styles with a gunshot wound. Police say he died at the scene.  . . .

Tampa, Tampa Bay Times, June 3, 2017

A pit bull attacked a woman and her small dog Saturday morning and was shot by a neighbor, police said. About 11:30 a.m., Largo officers responded to 132 10th Ave. SW, where a woman was in her yard with her small dog when a neighbor’s 70-pound pit bill got loose and attacked them.

The woman tried to protect her dog and was bit eight or nine times, police said. After hearing screams, the woman’s husband came outside and saw the attack. He and other neighbors tried to pull the pit bull away from his dog. When that didn’t work, police said, he retrieved a .38 caliber handgun and shot the pit bull twice. When officers arrived, the pit bill was “barely alive and suffering.” His owner gave police permission to euthanize the dog. . . .

Chesapeake, Virginia, ABC Channel 13 News, May 30, 2017

A man who was walking his German Shepherd in South Norfolk opened fire when two Pit Bulls attacked his dog on Tuesday. . . .

Detective Dorienne Boykin with Chesapeake Police Department said the man with the German Shepherd and his dog were in an alley behind the 1000 block of Decatur St. around 10:50 a.m. when two Pit Bulls attacked the German Shepherd. The man fired into the ground to scare the Pit Bulls and they ran off. Then, they came back and went after the German Shepherd again. . . .



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