Talk in Atlanta at the NRA Annual Meeting on Sunday April 30th

24 Apr , 2017  

On Sunday, April 30th, 1:30pm-3:00pm, Dr. John Lott will be giving a talk at the Georgia World Congress Center, Andrew Young International Boulevard Northwest, Atlanta.  The talk will be held in Room B311.

The Truth About Guns: From Bloomberg’s Push for Background Checks on the Private Transfer of Guns to the Impact of Gun Ownership on Crime Rates
Michael Bloomberg’s big push has been on background checks on the private transfers of guns.  Who do these laws primarily stop from buying guns? What are their costs?  How well does the current background system really work?  Why do gun control advocates push for these laws?  The talk will also focus on the latest research on gun ownership and crime rates.  And how people’s perceptions of gun ownership is increasing opposition to more gun control.  


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