On Columbia University’s Uptown Radio: “How will a national bill change the number of guns in NYC?”

14 Apr , 2017  

Dr. John Lott was interviewed by Kamila Kudelska about the new reciprocity bill before congress. After about a 40-minute interview, about a minute of the discussion was used.  The main point that Dr. Lott had made in the interview was that lots of states have reciprocity already and it is a non-issue in those states.  He had also gone through the information on how law-abiding permit holders are. Kudelska had asked about possible confusion over the different laws, but the main point that Lott had made that safety was a much more important concern.

Kudelska: John Lott is president of the crime prevention research center. He says law-abiding citizens don’t cause problems — they get permits. But he says the current patch work of state laws can be confusing to them. The new proposal would fix that.

Lott: There are huge difference across different states. Awhile ago there was a women from PA who had a concealed carry permit drove briefly into NJ with her kids. got pulled over by her police officer. she was immediately arrested bc she wasn’t allowed to carry in NJ even though she was able to carry in PA.

Kudelska: Lott acknowledges in this case the law was broken but says gun holders shouldn’t be forced to choose between their safety and confusing state laws. But Nelson Mills, the competitive shooter says he’s still on the fence whether the law should pass.

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