Bloomberg’s Everytown Vows to “We’ll spend what it takes” to push gun control at both state and federal level

Apr 27, 2017 | Featured

Just a few weeks ago, Michael Bloomberg promised to spend $25 million to defeat Congressmen and Senator who support concealed handgun reciprocity and apparently even more on state legislative races (“turning much of its attention to state legislatures . . .”).  Now in The Guardian newspaper, Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown indicates that they will possibly spend even more money than that:

The leader of America’s largest gun control group pledged to “spend what it takes” to defeat the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) push to weaken local gun control laws in states such as New York, New Jersey and California. . . .

Gun control leaders say they are working hard to educate their progressive allies about this coming fight over local gun laws.

“We’re drawing a line on the sand on this one, and we’ll spend what it takes,” said John Feinblatt, the president of Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun control group backed by billionaire former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Everytown has already launched about six weekly meetings to strategize about different aspects of the fight against “concealed carry reciprocity”, spokeswoman Erika Soto Lamb said. . . .

Everytown will borrow a tactic from the NRA and score members of Congress on their concealed carry reciprocity votes.

The scores will be “a way of putting Washington DC on notice”, Feinblatt said. “It’s a way of making it absolutely clear to a senator or House member’s constituency how somebody stacks up when it comes to gun safety.” . . .

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  1. Bill Vincent

    In fact, I’ll help him spend his money! In the last two years, He’s spent millions and millions of dollars– two years ago trying to stop Constitutional carry, and this past year trying to get Maine to adopt universal back ground checks. With nothing more than grass roots support, and limited help from the NRA, we stopped that ignoramus, Everytown, and MDA in their tracks!! So come to Maine and waste your money!! We’ll stop you again!