Yet another case where a concealed handgun permit holder saved a police officer

Jan 13, 2017 | Featured

These cases just don’t get national news coverage.  A concealed handgun permit holder saved a police officer who was being ambushed in Arizona at I-10 in Tonopah (January 12, 2017).  From the UK Daily Mail:

When he started to block lanes and put out flares, a suspect ambushed him, opening fire then physically attacking him.

The trooper was shot at least once near his chest and fought to the ground by the suspect. The man was on top of the officer and ‘getting the better of him,’ slamming the trooper’s head into the pavement.

That’s when the passerby spotted the altercation and asked the officer if he needed help. The officer said yes, and when the suspect ignored the passerby and continued attacking the trooper, the Good Samaritan shot him dead. . . .

More on the story is available here.  A second case occurred last November 15, 2016 in Florida

A passerby shot and killed a person who was fighting with a Lee County Sheriff’s Office deputy on Interstate 75 Monday morning.

Deputy First Class Dean Bardes, a 12-year-veteran, was working a crash at mile marker 126 when the suspect came upon him, causing Bardes to pursue him at high speeds, according to multiple sources.

Bardes and the suspect exited their vehicles at the Corkscrew Road exit and a fight started, sources said. The suspect was armed, Bardes told his supervisors, according to sources.

The passerby, who had a Concealed Weapons License, exited his vehicle and told the suspect he’d shoot him if he didn’t stop beating the deputy, sources said.

After noncompliance from the suspect, the passerby shot the suspect three times, sources said. The suspect later died. . . .

In this case, Thomas Yoxall, 43, a maintenance supervisor, used his permitted concealed handgun to save the life of DPS Trooper Edward Andersson. Yoxall had his gun rights restored in 2003 after he successfully completed probation.

Other cases of civilians using guns to save the lives of police officers are available here.

Note: Not only can civilians directly save the lives of police officers, but the fact that there are civilians carrying concealed handguns who are unknown to the criminals makes it riskier for those criminals to attack police.



  1. Don Pastor

    Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

  2. Joseph Pierce

    I am a convicted felon who also is rehabilitated for the last 28 years.I have not been given as much as a parking ticket.My life is nothing at all like my old life.I wish there was a test or something that could afford me my rights back so I could carry a hand gun.

  3. Glock19orFN5.7

    Also depending on what your felony was certain states allow drug conviction felons to posses weapons


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