Four crimes over a two-day period stopped by people legally carrying concealed handguns: Florida, Ohio, Alaska, Missouri

8 Dec , 2016  


Hialeah, Florida, December 6, 2016, WSVN Channel 7 News (Miami)

A man who shot a subject at a Hialeah McDonald’s drive-thru will not be facing charges after investigators determined he acted in self defense.

According to police, a road rage dispute in the drive-thru line of a McDonald’s, Monday night, escalated to a physical attack by 21-year-old Sergio Hernandez and his girlfriend, 20-year-old Vanessa Puente, against 22-year-old Victor Hugo Saavedra. . . .

According to the arrest report, the altercation started when Saavedra honked his horn at Hernandez, who was standing by the window talking to a McDonald’s employee. Officials said Hernandez had just walked up to the window and was having a conversation with the teller.

Puente, upset that Saavedra had honked his horn, ran up to his car and began to hit the driver’s side window.

The report further states that when Saavedra got out of his car, Puente started punching him in the face, and then Hernandez joined in, hitting him in the back of the head.

As Saavedra was being attacked by the couple, police said, he drew his concealed Glock 9 mm pistol from his waistband and fired one round at Hernandez, striking him in the left pelvic area.

Hernandez suffered a wound that was not life-threatening. He was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital and is expected to be OK.


Columbus, Ohio, December 6, 2016, Channel 10 TV WBNS

Columbus Police responded to a report of a shooting in South Linden around 6 p.m. Tuesday.

At the scene, officers say they met with a person who claimed they were the victim of a robbery attempt. The victim in the alleged robbery attempt told police he defended himself with a firearm.

The suspect in the reported robbery attempt, 24-year-old Samuel A. Dozier, was struck several times by gunfire, according to CPD. Dozier was transported to Grant Medical Center in critical condition.

CPD says the victim of the alleged robbery is a valid Carrying Concealed Weapon holder and has been cooperating in the police investigation. . . .


Anchorage, Alaska, December 5, 2016,

The owner fired twice, shattering the front driver’s window and putting a hole in the windshield.

The pickup has custom lettering on the driver’s door that says “Robyn” with faded gold graphic stripes. The maroon 1999 GMC four-door truck was last seen driving west.

Police say a skinny man in his late 20s with a thin mustache and black hair was driving. An older woman was a passenger.


Kansas City, Missouri, December 6, 2016, KSHB Channel 41 TV

. . . While the clerk was helping the man check out, the man revealed a handgun and pointed it at the clerk, according to police. The clerk then pulled out his own handgun and shot the man once in the left shoulder.

The man fell to the floor and the clerk called 911. The suspect tried to escape, but the clerk was able to hold him until police arrived at the location (2601 Chouteau Trafficway in North Kansas City, Missouri).

The robbery suspect was later identified as Tho Van Tran. He has been charged with robbery in the first degree and armed criminal action. . . .


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