CPRC on the Alan Stock Show on KXNT in Las Vegas discussing Michael Bloomberg’s Gun Control Initiative, Bloomberg’s groups and others refuse to debate

Nov 7, 2016 | Featured


Dr. John Lott talked to Alan Stock on the big 50,000 watt KXNT about Michael Bloomberg’s new gun control initiative.  Bloomberg is spending $20 million in Nevada and another $7 million in Maine on these initiatives through the end of October, but despite that, the polls show close battles.  More information is available here in a piece that Dr. Lott had at the Reno Gazette-Journal.  At 8:56 into the audio Alan Stock said this:

Alan Stock:  John Lott knows the stats like no one else does and quite frankly that is why they won’t debate him.  I tried to get a debate going between John and the people in this state who are for Question 1.  I talked to a lot of people from Northern Nevada all the way to down here in Southern Nevada and they all said they were going to debate when I wanted to put a debate together. Then I mentioned the name “JOHN LOTT,” and at that point they went running for the hills and I think that pee was running down their legs.  They were that concerned about it. . . .

(Monday, November 7, 2016 from 6:20 to 7 PM)




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