New York Times doesn’t care about accurately describing academic research

Oct 2, 2016 | Featured

The New York Times is well know for its bias, but here is yet another example of the Times making a claim that is clearly false. In an article titled “Rarity of Tulsa Shooting: Female Officers Are Almost Never Involved,” they claim:

Research on the subject has ranged from being inconclusive to showing that the opposite is true — that women are less likely to use force, even controlling for their relatively low representation among police forces.

Our letter to the editor was as follows:
Dear Letters Editor:

The Times mistakenly claims that there is no research showing female police officers are more likely to shoot suspects than male officers are (Timothy Williams and Caitlin Dickerson, Rarity of Tulsa Shooting: Female Officers Are Almost Never Involved,” 9/24).  For example, when police departments adopt different physical strength standards for women, my own peer-reviewed research shows an association between more female officers and increased rates of police shootings (Economic Inquiry, April 2000, see especially pp. 258-260).

Because female officers are less physically strong, getting into a hand-to-hand altercation with a criminal is riskier.  Male officers may be able to take more time before deciding whether it is absolutely necessary to shoot.

Lowering strength standards for female officers also changes departments in other important ways. Namely, it ends single-officer patrol units and makes foot and bicycle patrols significantly less common.

John R. Lott, Jr., Ph.D.
Crime Prevention Research Center
The New York Times never published our letter or made any other correction regarding their claim.
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  1. Tom Campbell

    NYT is not a news service any more. It is a vehicle for ideological propoganda. Almost nothing published in the last few years on guns has been accurate. It is a proponent for Progressivist politics, government intervention into any and all aspects of people’s lives, and eventual disarmament of law-abiding citizens and outlawing of their rights of self defense.

  2. Steve

    Political correctness gets people killed.

  3. Bob

    There should be a complete rebuttal to the NYT’s rubbish, in another newspaper. That newspaper could cite the “research” then publish the rebuttal by Dr. Lott.
    It’s too bad that this country has become zealots by emotion, rather than zealots by facts.
    The Dumbing Down Of America has worked.