Five Defensive Gun Uses with permitted concealed handguns: 71 year old man stops being beaten and prevents carjacking

26 Oct , 2016  

The reporters in a couple of stories said that “but is clear is that the situation could have had a different ending.”


Sioux Falls, South Dakota, October 24, 2016

. . . It all started with an elderly couple sitting in their car at the Red Rock Inn.

“The driver’s door was cracked slightly. While they were in there, what ends up being our suspect came along and pulled open the door and started punching the man in the head. Telling him to get out. He was trying to take the car,” said Sioux Falls Police Officer, Sam Clemens.

What the suspect didn’t know was the 71-year-old man he was was hitting over the head was carrying a concealed weapon. The Oklahoma man sitting with his wife took a 38 caliber handgun out of his pocket and shot the suspect twice.

“There’s some type of reciprocity so if you’re issued a concealed weapons permit in another state, as long as there’s that agreement between the states, then you’re allowed to carry concealed in a different state,” said Clemens.

The carjacking suspect, 34-year-old Edward Leblanc of Bismark, was found near McDonald’s on West 41st Street. He will most likely face charges of robbery and simple assault, once he’s released from the hospital.  . . .


Memphis, Tennessee, October 17, 2016

A man turns the tables on a group of would-be robbers in Southeast Shelby County and it’s all caught on camera. . . .

James Jones said one guy aimed a shotgun at him, while two other men stood by his side. They demanded his car keys and phone.

“He hopped in the truck, told me to back up and as soon as I got away from this guy’s line of sight, I pulled my weapon,” said Jones.

That’s when his brother, Jeremy, heard the commotion. . . .

The couple inside the home hid in a closet with their 3-year-old son and called 911.

Minutes later, deputies showed up and arrested Brendan Bryant for aggravated robbery, theft of property and drug charges. . . .


Columbus, Georgia, October 19, 2016

A Columbus homeowner opened fire on four men burglarizing his McNeese Drive home Monday afternoon, hitting at least one suspect, police say.

The man came home around 12:45 p.m. and found two strange vehicles in his driveway. He then witnessed four men leaving his residence through the front door, according to the Columbus Police report.

As the man pulled into his driveway, he loaded his .40 caliber pistol, police said.

The man “got out of his vehicle and began shooting at the four individuals coming out of his house,” the report stated. The man told police he heard one of the suspects yell “S—!” as he opened fire.

When asked by police why he started shooting, the homeowner said “he was afraid for his life,” according to the report, and said he’d fired about a dozen times. . . .

Police later found Brandon Rozier, 17, near the Britt David Park concession stand between the softball field and football field.. . .

Rozier, who was in possession of a gun that had previously been reported stolen, was arrested and charged with burglary and two firearms possession charges. . . .


Plantation, Florida, October 19, 2016

Three people who were sitting at the park were approached by two male subjects, at approximately 9:29 p.m., at the Plantation Multi-Cultural Park, located at 460 N.W. 43rd Ave. Police said that was when the subjects tried to have a conversation with them before attempting to rob the three victims at gunpoint. Police said that if one of the victims didn’t have a license to carry a weapon, the outcome would have been a very different one.

At first, when the two men started talking to the victims, it may have seemed like a normal conversation, but it was clearly a ploy.

Then, one of the three victims, who happened to be armed with their own firearm, shot one of the armed subjects during the robbery. After this happened, the other subject fled the scene. . . .


RIVIERA BEACH, Fla., Oct 24, 2016

Police said an armed robber in Riviera Beach is dead after one of his victims shot him Saturday night.

According to police spokeswoman Rose Anne Brown, at about 8:55 p.m. officers responded to 111 East 27th St. for a reported robbery and shooting.

Officers arrived and found a man lying in the road who was shot.  Riviera Beach Fire Rescue responded and declared him dead at the scene. . . .


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